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Shock, Disbelief as Station Ticket Machine Works

MELBOURNE, 31/12/2001.

Industry and consumer groups have expressed shock and disbelief at the claims of a Melbourne man that a railway station ticket machine worked perfectly.

The man, Daniel Bowen, who uses trains several times a week, says that he was walking past the railway station at Glen Huntly and decided to try and buy a ticket for his son to use the following day on a trip to the zoo. "I was amazed that the machine was not demanding coins only, exact change or that I use a card", says Bowen, who realised he only had a $5 note. Naturally suspicious, he pressed the buttons for a Zone 1 Daily Concession, and then put the $5 note into the machine.

"It went in first time", he recalls. "I was ready to turn it over, smooth it out and try it again, but it went in first time. I was shocked. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before."

He says the ticket then came out, and he was about to walk away when the change dropped into the change slot. He took it out, and was amazed to see it added up to the correct $2.40. "No foreign currency - not even a New Zealand 10 cent piece".

Transport minister Peter Batchelor said that it was a matter for OneLink, the company that maintains the ticket machines, but that he blamed the former Kennett government.

A spokesman for OneLink said they would be investigating thoroughly, and that it was likely that the incident was an isolated occurrence.

A spokesman for National Express, which runs the trains through that station said they could not comment, but they would be providing security footage to OneLink to aid in the investigation.

Mr Bowen says he is considering entering Tattslotto to see if his lucky streak continues.


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