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Christmas Gift Giving Guide


Well, once again, Christmas is coming up. And once again you need to review your strategy for buying presents. After much research at the North Pole University, Faculty of Christmas Studies, we have come up with this authoritative guide. Simply enter the details of the person and we'll tell you what you should give.

Please note that Toxic Custard will not be held liable for any injury or death, insult or cutting-off from inheritance that may occur as a result of taking this chart seriously.

Relationship to person:
Degree of liking:
Child or adult:

If you're taking careful note, you'd have noticed that relatives seem to do quite well in this game. In fact, they virtually have to have made accusations about sexual liaisons with barnyard animals to be refused at least a card.

When buying gifts, remember to take into account the careful balances of how much you want to spend, postage (where applicable), and the old "is it about the same value as I got from them last year" algorithms can be rather tricky. If you can't be bothered wrapping up the present yourself, some shops will do it for you. Be careful though: One shop where I asked about it turned out not to have gift-wrapping, but GIT-wrapping. Very embarrassing. 

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Toxic Custard Workshop Files A Toxic Custard Christmas