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Receiving Gifts


ARGRGGHH! Less than six months until Christmas! The hardest thing about shopping for Christmas or birthdays is trying to find something that you think the recipient won't just fling in the bin on Boxing Day.

I mean, some presents are complete crud. Do people really expect you to keep forever all the junk they give you? We're still cleaning out our spare room (last weekend we spotted some of the carpet, so I think we're on the right track), and it's amazing the crap that we're turning up. No, I'm not going to name any of it just in case the relevant relatives are reading. Suffice to say that if you kept every little knick knack that everyone gave you, there'd be no room for the good stuff.

It's unfortunate that there's this thing in the world called etiquette. It basically means that you can't refuse a gift, no matter how revolting it is. Each and every object has to be accepted as if the gift giver had slaved away for weeks on it (instead of paying a pittance in a shop, for someone in a factory far far away to slave away for weeks on it).

But eventually you have to clean them out. I used to keep all the trinkets in one box, one of those boxes that never got opened between moving houses. And when I find that box again, it'll be the first to go.

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Toxic Custard Workshop Files A Toxic Custard Christmas