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The letter with the least number of amusing words in the alphabet. (So far). Generally found just before the letter U, entries for which will appear later on in the Custarpedia.

Quantum Sufficit

The type of phrase that makes you wonder if this language would be any better off if there was someone in charge who had power of veto over the introduction of new words.


Not much of a career to get into if you can help it. Tends to involve flying all over the place being famous. But you don't get to make lots of movies. It must get a bit dull after a while actually. Everywhere the Queen goes all she gets to do is open things, do walkabouts, go to the races...

But the really scarey thing about the Queen is that she has kids. This means that at sometime she and the Duke of Edinburgh... must have... you know... done it. Eugghghgghh. That's pretty frightening. And think of the possible embarrassment. What if a servant or a bodyguard walked in. "Oops, sorry your Maj.. hey, how did you two get into that position? Should I pick these robes up for you... oh, I should just go? Okay then.. yes, I'll just go. Just please try not to get any marks on the red carpet. Yes, I'm averting my eyes.. Oh. Beheaded? Thank you very much your Majesty."


Recreational sport. Quibbling began as a pastime for bored consumers. Since then it has spread, and we can soon expect to see Olympic Quibbling.

"Here come's Anderson, Quibbling for Australia... yes, he's asking about the discount price... oh, and the special bonus offer. That shop assistant's on the run now... and I think he's getting ready to deal his most devastating final blow... yes, he's noticed the scratch in the upper corner. But oh no! He's just mentioned how they used to make them in the old days! Anderson has just bullshitted! Sensational news! Anderson, out of the Quibbling Final on a bullshit. Tragedy for the young athlete..."


Type of keyboard designed to slow the typist down and confuse people who are learning to type.

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