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Toxic Custard Workshop Files

Welcome to the Toxic Custard Gallery Of Fine Art And Other Junk.

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In fact, to be quite honest, it will probably take several years to load unless you're running your Cray supercomputer off a 100+Kbps megamegasupalink direct to where these pictures are. But oh well, you wanted to see the Gallery, so here it is...

Safe-T-Man (TCWF 266).

Found in a catalogue from The Safety Zone and featured heavily on Channel 7's Denton.
Here's the relevant part of TCWF266:

I SWEAR, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! It's sitting here in front of me! And there's a picture of this thing, which basically wouldn't even fool Helen Keller for more than ten seconds. Mind you, one of the pictures does look remarkably like John Major.
Another picture shows a woman folding Safe-T-Man into a bag, with the caption "folds compactly into carry bag for discreet portability". DISCREET?! I can see the little old ladies now, running screaming from the car park! "Help, she's pushing the torso of a man into a bag!!!"

Halloween 1992 (TCWF 119).

"Not the Rainbow Warrior"

comment on the GATT trade talks that were happening at the time.(TCWF 121).

"Irony on Wheels"

(TCWF 125).

"The Rumour Mill" (TCWF 135).

The winner of the 1995 Creepiest Looking Building Award

The Cadbury Schweppes building at 636 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. This picture looks a little odd, damned graphics filters. One day I'll get around to fixing it.

Gulf War

The cartoon adaption of General Eagleburger's Gulf War press conference from TCWF 36. Drawn by Ax, 1991.

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More coming eventually (but don't hold your breath...)

Toxic Custard Workshop Files