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How come the video shops never recommend not watching something?

Isn't it funny how reviews of videos provided by the video stores never recommend that you don't rent the tape? They seem to work like this:

***** Completely and utterly brilliant, borrow it every week for the next five years.
**** Excellent viewing, borrow it lots of times.
*** Most enjoyable viewing.
** Worth watching - borrow it once, at least.
* Absolutely bloody awful, but well worth spending $3 on borrowing it to see just how awful it is.

How come blank video tapes come in "High Standard", "Premium Extra-High Grade", and so on... but no "Average Grade" or "Poor Standard"? Sometime I really want to find an E180-SG (Shit Grade) so I can record programmes I don't like very much onto it.

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Copyright 1991, 1993, 1997 Daniel Bowen. Originally from TCWF 41, 25/3/1991 and TCWF 165, 13/9/93