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Welcome to The Grooviest Thing In Melbourne

[Flying pig]Hello, good evening and welcome. During 1997, we at Toxic Custard looked at some of the groovy things around the city of Melbourne. And you, beloved readers, got to vote on them. So take a look through these pages, featuring the grooviest things in Melbourne.

The great thing is, you don't even have to live in, or have visited Melbourne. Through the miracle of the microchip, you can save money on airfares, and see this groovy stuff by simply using one of these Web browser thingies!

Results of Round 1:
Meercats versus The Bloke In Mid-air

Results of Round 2:
The Chunk Of Library versus Big Rocks

Results of Round 3:
The Three Men versus The Flying Pig

Results of Round 4:
Dog versus Purse

Results of Round 5:
Whatsername versus Seat

Results of Round 6:
Waiter versus Thingy

Results of Round 7:
Waterfall Boat versus Truck

[The bloke in mid air]

Results of Round 8:
RMIT facade versus River statue thingies

Results of Round 9:
The Battle of Russell Street

Results of Round 10:
The Top versus the Shot Tower


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Toxic Custard Workshop Files - The Grooviest Thing In Melbourne

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