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Toxic Custard Workshop FilesThe Grooviest Thing In Melbourne

Round 1: (7-13/7/97)
Meercats versus The Bloke In Mid-air
(The unofficial title)

[Myer window meercats]

The meercats in the Myer Bourke Street store windows

[Bloke in mid-air]

Sculpture of bloke in mid-air

Where: Bourke Street Mall (until mid-July) Southbank (for the foreseeable future)
Details: Meercats originate in Africa, where they were especially bred for cuteness to appeal to wildlife documentary film makers.

Don't try and shoplift any to take home for the kids - security is very tight.

And no, they are not available in the Myer Pets Department. In fact, I don't think Myer even has a Pets Department.

He seems to be standing on some kind of disembodied hand. No doubt the artist knows why, and would explain it in terms of the juxtaposition of surrounding structures and the overall relevance of the figure to today's society - its woes, ails and illnesses. Or some such bollocks.

Me? I just think it looks cool up there.

The Result: At first it looked like the Bloke was going to tread all over the Meercats. But as the week wore on, the meercat lovers from everywhere piled in and clicked on their favourite cutsey animals.
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