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Round 4: (28/7-4/8/97)
Dog versus the Purse
(The unofficial title)

[Nice doggie good doggie]


[The public purse]

The Public Purse

Where: Swanston Street near Flinders Lane, unless he's been stolen again Corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets
Details: Poor ol' Fido got stolen last year, and this is his replacement. You can pat him, pose for photos with him, just don't ask him to chase a ball. He hates balls.

A close relative of his can be found in at least one suburban park - who knows, there may be dozens of them all over the city!

When I first saw this giant purse, I thought it was a clam. It still looks like one from some angles.

Don't try and take this home - if the person who dropped it ever finds you, you might be in real trouble!

In any case, you'll have a lot of trouble trying to use any of the currency you find inside it.

The Result: This was a close one. Much closer than previous rounds. And to my lasting disappointment, the dog lost! By one vote! I wasn't the only one disappointed:

"I'm so disappointed that he lost your competition by a
Pamela Irving, "mother of the dog" (whose real name is Larry LaTrobe)

Now, I have to say that I did consider falsifying the results. Nobody would know. Except me. But in the end I thought I'd prove to you all what a staggeringly nice and honourable person I am, and let the votes stand as cast.

And if you really liked the dog but never got around to voting, well tough! It'll teach you to go ahead and vote next time, won't it!

  71 votes 72 votes

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