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Round 5: (4/7-11/8/97)
Whatsername versus the Seat
(The unofficial title)

[Whatsername - I think she's called Angel]

Whatsername ("Angel"?)

[Seat in Swanston Street]


Where: Outside the National Gallery, St Kilda Road Swanston Street, near Little Lonsdale Street
Details: Okay, so you'd normally expect to find artistic looking stuff outside a gallery, but it's often rather sombre, dark and brooding, revealing the artist's tortured soul etc etc.

So it makes a pleasant change to see this beastie. It's ... well, pleasant, with lots of bright colours. And bloody huge too!

This cool flowery seat popped up one day on Swanston Street. I'm not sure where it came from, but if anybody knows where to get the seeds to grow some more, let me know!

This is a truly great place to eat your fish'n'chips on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Surprisingly few people actually sit down here actually. Which is a shame - they look like they could do with a rest.

The Result: Well, people swarmed into the Web site to virtually sit on the seat, and to vote for it.
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