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Toxic Custard Workshop FilesThe Grooviest Thing In Melbourne

Round 6:
Waiter versus Thingy
(The unofficial title)




(officially "Ophelia", by Deborah Halpern)

Where: Southbank, outside one of the cafés Southbank, just hanging around
Details: This guy may not be very responsive to customer suggestions. He may not take down your order with any accuracy whatsoever. He may take longer than anyone else to bring your bill.

But he sure knows how to balance coffee cups on his tray.

There's flags with this umm... thing up everywhere around Melbourne, but this is the original.

But what is it? And what kind of substances was the artist on when it was created? Does it really matter?

It looks out over the Yarra, watching all the people wandering past who look back and wonder what on earth it is.

Result: The result was never really in doubt...
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