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Toxic Custard Workshop FilesThe Grooviest Thing In Melbourne

Round 7:
Waterfall Boat versus Truck
(The unofficial title)

[Waterfall boat]

Waterfall Boat



Where: Southbank, between a couple of buildings near City Road Southbank, near the pedestrian bridge
Details: It would be easy to miss this, because it's hidden away from the main bit of Southbank. So what is it? It's a waterfall! It's a boat! It's two things in one! I can only presume that this truck sculpture is not just waiting for the RACV to turn up and give it a jump start.
Result: Well, early on it was a pretty close battle between the Waterfall boat and the Truck. But the boat eventually ended up in front, a potent symbol of the power and importance of water in our lives. Umm. Or something like that.
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