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Toxic Custard Workshop FilesThe Grooviest Thing In Melbourne

Round 8:
RMIT facade versus River statue thingies
(The unofficial title)

[RMIT facade]

RMIT facade

[River statue thingies]

River statue thingies

Where: Swanston Street, north of LaTrobe Street North bank of the Yarra, near Queensbridge
Details: Okay, so it's just a building. But in this day of faceless and forgettable grey marble and mirror office blocks, the front of RMIT makes a pleasant change. So maybe the architect was experimenting with various substances of doubtful legality, but it gives a bit of character to the place. I don't know what they symbolise, why they're there, or even what they're meant to look like. But they look very groovy, standing there all in a row, and they probably helped keep a struggling artist off the streets for a month.
Result: A close race, but in the end the river statue thingies held out.
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