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Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Toxic Custard.

Q.Why "toxic custard?" Does this have some cultural significance? Personal significance? Do you like custard and fear toxins so it represents the best and the worst the world has to offer? Please answer this quickly because I am kept awake nights thinking about this (I am also kept awake nights by my three-month old daughter, but you had nothing to do with that, I hope.)

A.Way back in the dim distant past, in my last year of high school, a few friends were kicking around the idea of doing an amateur TV comedy sketch show. We didn't get very far with the idea, but one thing we did settle on was the name "Toxic Custard Workshop" - to be accompanied by images of people in darkened rooms ploughing into huge bowls of bright yellow custard.

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Q.I have some written/cartoon material. Do you take submissions for your site?

No, the Toxic Custard web site does not take submissions, apart from questions asked in the Guide to Australia, the occasional funny news tip received, or other interactive parts of the site. However, you are welcome to leave a link to your material in the guestbook.


Q.What are the favourite things you've written?

From time to time I read back through the things I've written. The one that makes me laugh the loudest every time is
Doctor Who - Revenge of the Unrealistatrons. Some of my other favourites include the Shakespeare parodies, and my diary entries.

I also enjoy re-reading the Toxic Custard Political Circus, though it's dated a little.

Q.Why do you do this?

Mostly because I enjoy it. I also enjoy hearing from other people who like what I've written.

Many of my friends and colleagues can't believe what they're seeing when they stumble across the web site. "Why do you do this", they ask me. I tend to shrug my shoulders and tell them it's "a hobby that got out of hand".

Q.Where else has this material appeared?

One article appeared in the US-based magazine
Portable Computing Direct Shopper in 1998.

From time to time other articles have appeared in (mostly more obscure) magazines and newspapers.

A whole bunch of stuff appeared in the "Naked Wasp", the student newspaper at Monash University Caulfield, from 1990 to 1992 where I was studying at the time. Someone even drew a cartoon version of the first Mr Popsicle adventure!

The first Monash Caulfield comedy revue, in 1992, included some of material from the spoof heavy metal band Megabogue, but in my humble opinion they changed it round so much and the production was so bad that it wasn't at all funny. The revue also included two other sketches I'd written, but like the whole revue, these went down like a lead balloon.

Still in 1992, a couple of guys from the student newspaper (Brian Smith and Nick Marvin) and I made a pilot radio show for Monash Clayton radio. This actually went quite well and I have the tape sitting around somewhere. Nothing came of it though.

Excerpts of Toxic Custard have appeared all over the Web, and there were many snippets in an article in the West Australian newspaper in 1996, about the Toxic Custard Political Circus page.


Q.Can you tell me about Australia, in particular about <immigration / food / laws / where to visit>?

Read the
Toxic Custard Guide to Australia. Even ask a question if you like. But keep in mind that it is primarily for entertainment value, not information. For more serious information about Australia, there are plenty of places online you can visit:

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