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Coarse language, religious parody, hate mail, Life in the Office and everything else sidesplittingly funny from this Melbourne, Australia, mag. Don't miss the Toxic Custard Shakespeare (What if Romeo had gone to the wrong balcony?) and the TC Custarpedia, the world's silliest reference work.

If you have some spare time, The Toxic Custard Workshop Files is a zany place to murder it. Sort of like a bad Mel Brooks movie -- "Spaceballs" comes to mind -- Toxic Custard's crammed with so many strange jokes that if you don't like one, no worries, there are a million more right on its tail. The creator of this humor magazine, Australian Daniel Bowen, has "Custardized" the works of Shakespeare, and if that doesn't zing you, there's a "Custardpedia" giving new definitions to seemingly half the words in the English language. Then, just like Brooks, he's created a history of the world to put it all in perspective. Plenty of other diversions, including updates on Bowen Jr. and five years of backfill will succeed in keeping you busy well into the next century.

Overall 3/5
Content 3/5
Design 2/5
Personality 4/5


[Special thanks to Alicia Smith for spotting this article]

Aside from being, hands down, one of the ugliest Web pages you'll ever see, (!! I can only presume - and hope - they meant that horrible old dark blocky background I used to use) Aussie Daniel Bowen's Toxic Custard Workship (sic) Files makes a great place to waste some time. Ostensibly an archive of fun essays penned by Bowen over more than five years, expect some quality writing on a huge assortment of topics from seat selection on public transportation to the "Moron of the Week." Before or after reading, drop by the Custard Gallery, where you'll learn how $230 Australian dollars can ensure your personal safety (for the impatient: It's an artificial latex man to sit next to your in your car, clothing not included).

[Point Top 5% logo] Hmm.. Not so bad. I just love their use of the word ostensibly. And it means we can proudly display this Point 5% logo thing.

a humor "Zine" with an Australian accent offering a "down under" perspective. Plan on buying several six-packs of Fosters so you can learn to speak Australian and keep up with it. Published about once a week, usually on Monday. Has several mirror sites and an e-mail column. Written by Daniel Bowen of Melbourne, Australia.

Visit the Custardcopia or learn of the Toxic History of the World in what may be one of the funniest and odd reference sites on the Web.

[Magellan 1-star site logo!]The Toxic Custard Workshop Files is a site of nonsensical, humorous writings. Users will find a 'custard history of the world' that features one twisted person's views on major events; a 'custardpedia' (sic) containing humorous looks at words such as abattoir, goldfish, egg, and baseball; and a 'custard virtual gallery' of funny and absurd drawings, and cartoons with political and psychological themes.

I found the most entertaining and hilarious journal site yesterday, The dude lives in Melbourne which is a plus in his favour, but his site is the the most hilarious thing I have read in ages. It's so good that I could even look past the fact that he used Times New Roman. So, I recommend that you go take a look.
I mentioned this site yesterday but I am going to mention it again because I think that it is just absolutely excellently hilarious. The Diary of an Average Australian. It's really a great site, and you should go there. I'm not sure if it would be humourous to everyone though, or if it's just funny because I'm Australian, or because I'm Victorian. Oh well. You should go there anyway so that he gets hits and feels good.

Herald Sun, 2/10/2000

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