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Transition of a Biscuit Jar

Our biscuit jar at work has made a transition. Until recently, the biscuits in it were horrible. The revoltingly dry mushy* flavourless muck that nobody likes. Somewhere in the kitchen was a secret stash reserved only for visiting executives.

On occasion by a freak of nature or at the whim of a merciful deity, edible biscuits would arrive in the jar. Should the unthinkable happen and actual chocolate biscuits materialise, word would spread fast through the office. "Chocolate biscuits!", people would whisper excitedly to their colleagues, and the rush to the kitchen would grow to a stampede as everybody stormed in to get their share.

But something weird and wonderful has happened. Arnott, the God of biscuits, has decided we are worthy of better things. Every morning, unseen by the masses, the jar is refilled with yummy, delicious biscuits. Chocolate chip, Kingston, Scotch Finger, Teddy Bear... all the greats. Okay, so there's usually only a few duds left by mid-afternoon, but until then we are blessed.

*Don't ask me how a biscuit can be both dry and mucky - but they were.

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