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About Bowen Nurk PowerTM

The Order Of The Skint is based around the miracles of Bowen NURK Power. Discover and harness your NURK power today!

Daniel Bowen has travelled the world* imparting the secret of NURK power to the masses. Many of us are born with brains, and all of us that are have hidden, unused NURK power in them.

Will yours remain dormant, or will you take advantage of it, and let it lead you to success and great heights?

  • Alexandra the Grate harnessed her NURK power and ruled (some of) the world! (For a little while).
  • Julian Caesar ruled Rome for lots and lots of years, but little, did he know that Brutus had harnessed his NURK power and bought himself a new knife. The phrase "beware the ides of March" has been translated by experts to "beware the power of NURK."
  • Robert Pershing Wadlow learnt about his NURK power at a very early age, and reached great heights, although success eluded him.
  • Edmund Hillary discovered the secret of his NURK power, and reached some of the greatest heights and success possible when he became the first man to mount Eve Rest.
  • Randolf Hitler practised and used his NURK power until early 1943, when the war began to turn against him.
  • Don F. Kennedy's NURK power got shot to pieces in an early episode of "Dallas".
  • Ranald Regan went to the Bowen Seminar in 1979 and made use of his NURK power to become Resident of the Untitled Stakes. But then he deserted NURK power and relied on common astromoners, and lost his residency.

Yes, you too can make full use of your limited mental power! Harness your NURK today!

(*) Within the Greater Melbourne area only

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