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About the Order

The Order Of The Skint is based around the miracles of Bowen Nurk Power(tm), and the philosophy that it's better to have no worldly possessions (in particular money) to tie you to this world.

Bowen Nurk Power(tm) provides Daniel (who will be hereafter known as "The Swami") with mystical powers that make him capable of spending your money faster than any other religious order.

It does not involve suicide. No, really. Honest. It does not involve leaving your family to go and live in some commune somewhere. It does not involve wearing uniforms, eating or drinking dubious foods, looking out for UFOs to take you to the next level of existence, or anything like that. You can even keep your testicles, if you have any.

No, all you have to do to join The Order Of The Skint is to send The Swami all your money. It's as simple as that. More information on this soon, so watch this space, and have your credit card details ready.

Toxic Custard Workshop Files Order Of The Skint