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Richard III

Act IV: Scene II: London, The Palace.

[Grammy award-winning Sennet. Enter Richard, in pomp, crowned; Buckingham, Catesby, a Page, and others]
KING RICHARDStand all apart. Cousin of Buckingham!
BUCKINGHAMMy gracious handsome sovereign!
KING RICHARDGive me thy hand, sweetie.
[Trumpets sound and the court looks embarassed as he ascends the throne and puts a coin in the condom machine]
KING RICHARDThus high, by thy advice and contacts,
And thy assistance, is King Richard out of his skull:
But shall we wear this cool skin for a day?
Or shall it last, and we rejoice in them?
BUCKINGHAMStill protect they and for ever let them last!
KING RICHARDAh Buckingham, now do I play the touch,
To try if thou wouldst come back to my place:
I forget my line; think now what I would speak.
BUCKINGHAMSay on, my loving lord.
KING RICHARDWhy, Buckingham, I saw I would be king.
BUCKINGHAMWhy, so you are, my well-endowed lord.
KING RICHARDEnough of this palace, come with me Buck,
We'll go back to my castle and both have a

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